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The recent brain injury and death of actress Natasha Richardson is responsible for saving a young girl's life.  Morgan McCracken, 7, was hit in the head by a softball by week.  Although she felt fine immediately after her injury, she started complaining of a headache two days later.  Her parents had heard about Natasha Richardson's death from a brain injury called epidural hemorrhage and rushed their daughter to the emergency room.  Even though they acted quickly, Morgan still needed to be airlifted to another hospital for emergency surgery, even though it would have taken only 20 more minutes for her to arrive at this hospital by ambulance instead of helicopter.  Fortunately, the doctors were able to perform the surgery successfully and Morgan McCracken will be fine.

Epidural hemorrhage is a particularly deadly brain injury because its victims feel fine for hours or even days after the initial injury.  During this time, however, blood is seeping into the skull from torn blood vessels and eventually the pressure builds up to such a degree that blood begins to penetrate the brain.  At this point, emergency surgery is required to avoid death or permanent brain damage.  This injury is known as "talk and die" syndrome because, as with Morgan, even a 20 minute delay can be the difference between life and death.

When a person suffers from epidural hemorrhage, the victim or his or her family may be able to sue the person who caused the brain injury.  Winning a lawsuit involving a brain injury requires a lawyer who knows both the law and the science behind traumatic brain injuries.  The Michigan brain injury lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire are experts in brain injury cases.

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