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Michigan Biker In Out of State Motorcycle Accident Wins $560,000 Settlement

Our motorcycle accident lawyers recently settled a claim for a Michigan motorcyclist injured in out of state accident.  He was riding his bike in Florida when  he was hit by a car.  He suffered serious injuries in the accident.  His injuries included a fracture leg requiring open reduction internal fixation surgery and a cranial nerve injury that limits the client’s ability to open/move one of his eyelids.  We pursued a claim against the negligent driver’s insurance company.

While motorcycles can be thrilling to ride, accidents happen quite frequently and the injuries sustained by bikers and passengers are often severe and is the cause of many wrongful deaths. The number of motorcycle accidents in Michigan is significant. The statistics were tailored by Michigan Traffic Crash Facts and are worth noting.

There were a total of 4,082 motorcycle accidents in the year 2008. Of those accidents, 127 were fatal motorcycle crashes. The number of motorcycles involved in fatal crashes has increases 58.8 percent since 1999 (10 year period). 3,314 bikers were injured in 2008 in Michigan and 125 motorcyclists were wrongfully killed.

The death rate in 2008 based on deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in Michigan is 15.4. This 2008 death rate for motorcyclists is enormous compared to the overall 0.97 mileage death rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled.

Our motorcycle attorneys fully investigated the accident and established that the driver of the car caused the accident.  The major issue in this case was the injuries and damages suffered by the motorcyclist in the accident.  The medical records from the treating orthopedic surgeon and other medical specialists were used to demonstrate the severe nature and extent of the injuries from the motorcycle accident.  We negotiates  a significant settlement in the amount of $560,000 for the injured biker.  There was no waiver of insurance coverage for future benefits.

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