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Michigan Bed Sore Lawyer Files Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit

Our bed sore attorneys recently filed a nursing home neglect lawsuit against a Michigan skilled nursing care facility.   After a hospitalization, the resident was admitted into an in-patient rehabilitation facility for physical and occupational therapy.  At that facility, it was noted that he had a Stage 3 bed sore on his buttocks.  The facility provided appropriate wound care and the sore healed.   The resident was admitted to the nursing home for continuing care and treatment.

Upon admission to the nursing home, it was noted that the resident did not have any evidence of skin breakdown and no bed sores were identified on any part of his body. His risks for developing a pressure sore included his immobility, decreased sensation in his buttocks, a prior bed sore, and medical conditions that made him more vulnerable to develop a sore.   The nursing staff did recognize that he was at risk for developing a bed sore, but did not implement an appropriate plan of care and did not follow the plan of care that was instituted.  As a result, he developed another bed sore in the same area that became a Stage 4 bed sore.  By the time that the sore was discovered, it was too far along to treat with medications and conservative therapy.  The patient then underwent skin flap surgery to cover the wound and to prevent further infection.

The bed sore lawsuit was filed in the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac, Michigan.  It seeks damages against the nursing home for the pain and suffering endured by the resident from both the bed sore and the surgery.  The lawsuit also seeks damages for the medical expenses incurred as a result of this treatment.  No trial date has been set by the court.

If your loved one suffers from a bed sore while residing at a Michigan nursing home, they may be a victim of nursing home neglect.  Upon admission to the nursing home and throughout the admission, the facility and its staff is required to assess a resident's risk of developing bed sores, and if they are at risk, such as our client, the nursing home is required to develop and implement a plan to both prevent the sore from occurring and to treat at the initial stages.

Residents who suffer bed sores at nursing homes do have legal rights to sue the Michigan nursing home. These injuries and conditions are completely preventable with proper nursing practices and medical supervision.  Residents, or their family members, should call our top rated bed sore attorneys now to discuss their case and determine their legal rights.  Call now at (800) 606-1717.  Your lawsuit will not only get the justice you or your family member deserves for a facilities’ negligent care and injuries suffered but also act as a warning to that particular Michigan nursing home so that other resident’s just like your loved one are not treated in the same manner.

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