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Michigan Auto Accident Myths | Fast Settlements

Our Spring 2009 Newsletter has an article on the Dangerous Automobile Accident Myths.  Myth #3 states "A fast settlement is always in your best interests."  Many accident victims mistakenly believe this and even hire the wrong lawyer based upon a promise of a quick settlement.  This is often the worst thing that you can do for several reasons.

First, when you sign your settlement agreement, you give up all of your rights in the future to make any other claims against the negligent driver.  If your medical condition has not completely healed and you ultimately need a surgery or other treatment, you can never come back and try to sue again for the same accident.  You have waived all of your rights.  It is best to wait and see how your condition will resolve before you settle.

Second, you may not be fully aware of all of the insurance policies that might provide you payment if you settle to quickly.  Many times, the insurance company will not tell you all of the possible coverage that is available and hopes that you will sign off before you find out what you can really get.  Again, if you sign an agreement you are done forever.

For the other Myths, check out our newsletter and for other questions about Michigan Car Accident cases, request our free book, "The Ultimate Michigan Car Accident Handbook."
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