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MI Nursing Home Bowel Obstruction Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

Our Michigan Nursing Home attorneys recently filed a case against a Monroe County nursing home for the nurses’ failure to properly recognize a 78 year old resident was demonstrating signs and symptoms of a bowel obstruction and report such important clinical findings to a physician.  As a result of such failure to diagnose his condition, the resident was not transferred to the hospital until it was too late and died from septic shock.

The diagnosis of a small bowel obstruction is made based upon the complaints, symptoms, and presentation of the patient. It is essential that a detailed history is taken from the patient and that a full and proper physical examination is performed to diagnose this condition.   If a patient is believed to be suffering from a bowel obstruction, there are several tests and studies that can be used to properly make the diagnosis. These include abdominal x-rays, CT scans, ultrasonography, and blood tests.  It is essential that in any patient who is demonstrating symptoms of a bowel obstruction receive such testing to rule our this potentially fatal condition.   If the testing determines that the patient is suffering from a bowel obstruction, emergency surgery is often necessary in conjunction with IV antibiotics, given both before and after surgery.  With timely diagnoses and medical or surgical intervention, the vast majority of patients survive and lead normal lives.

In our case, due to the delay in diagnosing the bowel obstruction, fecal matter became impacted, backed up inside the patient, and the patient developed sepsis, an infection in his blood.  As a result of his developing sepsis, the patient soon went in to shock and died less than 24 hours after being taken to the hospital.

Our nursing home negligence lawyers filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both the facility and the nurses involved in his care.  The compensation sought in the case will include the pain and suffering sustained by the woman and the loss of society and companionship his family suffered due to his death.  A claim for funeral and burial expenses and other financial losses was also made.  No trial date has been set by the Court. 

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