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Medical Malpratice Settlement Against Michigan Pediatrician For Failure To Diagnose Hip Dysplasia

We recently settled a medical malpractice case against a local pediatrician for the failure to timely diagnose the condition of pediatric hip dysplasia in a young girl.  The patient was seen for regular wellness visits by the pediatrician during the first year of her life and he failed to diagnose the condition.  She was then seen by another pediatric group and the condition was diagnosed.    The girl underwent two surgeries to repair the condition.

The medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that the pediatrician failed to perform the required and necessary tests to detect hip dysplasia in the pediatric patient.  Had he done so, the doctor could have referred her to a specialist for conservative treatment, such as a Pavlik Harness, and she would not have required surgical intervention.  The doctor contended that he performed all of the necessary tests and that the condition did not exist until after she left his practice, but these claims were refuted by the medical chart and medical experts who reviewed the case on behalf of the patient.

The case was set for trial but resolved at a mediation.  The terms of the settlement are confidential pursuant to the settlement agreement.

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