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Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Detroit

To find a medical malpractice lawyer in Detroit, you can simply pick up the telephone book yellow pages or call the first TV lawyer on your screen.  To find the best Detroit medical malpractice lawyer, you need to a do a little more work.  This is important because the lawyer that you choose for your case is often the difference between winning and losing.

To find the best lawyer, you need to read about the law firm and there experience in similar type medical malpractice cases.  You need to know that your case will be worked on by an experienced lawyer and not a law student working a summer job in the firm.  And you need to know and understand how medical malpractice cases work in Michigan so you know the right questions to ask when interviewing a lawyer.  A great source of information is our FREE BOOK, "The Ultimate Michigan Medical Malpractice Handbook," that we will send out to you and you should read before you select a lawyer for your case.

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