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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against Hospital For Decubitus Ulcer

Our hospital medical malpractice attorneys recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit  against a Michigan hospital and rehabilitation center on behalf of a patient who suffered a decubitus ulcer on his coccyx during his admission.  The patient was admitted to an Oakland County hospital after he had suffered a fractured  femur in a car accident.  He underwent surgery for the orthopedic injury and was then admitted  to  the hospital for surgery and rehabilitation.  The patient was immobile after the surgery and had numerous conditions that put him at high risk for developing a decubitus ulcer.   He ultimately did develop a stage 4 decubitus ulcer which necessitated significant medical care and treatment.

The medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the nurses, therapists,  and health care providers at the hospital  failed to properly turn and move the patient allowing him to developed a large bedsore on his coccyx .  The medical records have no entries verifying that the patient was turned or repositioned for three full days during his admission.  The wound on the coccyx was not recognized until it progressed to a late stage and as such, treatment was delayed.  This delay caused it to increase in size and become infected.  The patient then required an extensive flap surgery to heal the wound.  As a result of the medical negligence, the patient was forced to undergo an otherwise unnecessary surgery and has now has a significant scar.

Our medical malpractice lawyers and our medical negligence team performed a thorough review of the entire medical chart and retained several highly qualified medical experts to support the case against the hospital.   The experts agree that the medical staff was negligent in their care of the patient and that the failure to provide proper treatment for the patient was the cause of his decubitus ulcer.   The lawsuit seeks damages for  the pain and suffering that the patient endured from the negligent care  in additions to the medical expenses incurred by the patient.  No trial date has been set by the court.


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