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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Michigan Hospital – Patient Fell From Bed - Death

Our medical malpractice attorneys in Michigan filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Midland County Hospital arising from the death of an eighty-four year old patient.  The patient was found on the floor next to her hospital bed by the nursing staff.   Due to the fall, she  suffered a serious brain injury.  She was unable to recover from that traumatic injury and died several days later.

On behalf of the patient’s children, we filed wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the hospital in Midland, Michigan The lawsuit alleges several acts of medical negligence against the Mid-Michigan Medical Center.   Included in Plaintiff’s Complaint are allegations that the hospital failed to properly assess the patient as a fall risk, failed to use bed alarms and other fall prevention devices, and failed to have the bed rails up while the patient was in her bed.  These basic patient safety precautions would have prevented the fall and the death of the patient.

The reason for patient falls in hospital are often obvious, therefore with certain interventions falls can be easily be prevented. These interventions include, but not limited to, toileting and continence programs, an appropriate armchair with wheels locked at the patient’s bedside, comprehensive patient assessment and environmental assessment, and ensure that the pathway to the restroom is free of obstacles.

The Michigan wrongful death suit against the hospital seeks damages for the pain and suffering that the patient went through  prior to her death.  The lawsuit also seeks all seeks damages for the loss of her society and companionship that her family sustained as a result of her preventable death.   No trial date has been set by the court.


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