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Medical Malpractice Attorney Files Lawsuit in Michigan- Child Injury Lawyer

Michigan medical malpractice lawyer Lawrence J. Buckfire recently filed a malpractice lawsuit against a Detroit area pediatrician.  The suit alleges that the pediatrician failed to perform proper testing of the infant's hips during routine exams.  The child was later diagnosed with pediatric hip dysplasia and required major surgery for the condition.

The standard of care for a pediatrician requires that the doctor perform specific tests and maneuvers on a newborn and infant to diagnose any type of hip deformity or developmental hip condition.  If performed, such a condition can be diagnosed and treated with conservative measures, such as a harness.  If a condition is not diagnosed before the infant reaches one years old, the conservative approach can no longer be used and surgical intervention is necessary.

In this case, the child was not diagnosed with the condition until she was eighteen months old.  She underwent major surgery at The University of Michigan Hospital and has required significant physical therapy.  She also has severe permanent scars from the surgical procedure.  The suit is pending in the Wayne County Circuit Court. 
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