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M-6 to Close for Reconstruction Southwest of Grand Rapids

M6 construction defective road lawyerSOUTHFIELD, Mich. -- A $9.5 million project to reconstruct a portion of M-6 will begin this summer, according to MLive.

The reconstruction will include four miles of the westernmost portion of the highway, running from Wilson Avenue to Interstate 196.

The project will require closure to traffic in both directions. Eastbound lanes will be closed for the entire duration of the contruction, but following the first 28 days, westbound lanes will be reopened between Byron Center and Wilson Avenue.

M-6 was built in 2004, but has already been deteriorating for several years. Cracks on the edge near I-196 were initially patched in order to hold the road together, but the new project will completely re-do the road.

Matt Block, a project manager with the Michigan Department of Transportation, told MLive the premature failure of the road was an unforeseen anomoly.

The closure of M-6 southwest of Grand Rapids will force traffic to be redirected onto U.S. 131. Trucks moving westbound on M-6 will be re-routed northbound on U.S. 131 and then westbound on I-196. Likewise, trucks eastbound on I-196 will instead move south on U.S. 131 and then east on M-6. Further detour routes for local traffic, as well as detours for through traffic from the east on I-96, will be posted.

Despite the advanced deterioration of the road, the original contractor could still submit a bid to undertake the new project.

The four miles included in the project were built by Ajax Paving, who received a $22.5 million contract in 2003.

MDOT, who will be paying for the reconstruction from its budget, is considering both concrete, the original material, and asphalt for the project. MDOT will review estimates from both industries before choosing the best one based on length of time the road will be shut down and bid prices of the construction items.

The project is planned to begin in early July and it should be completed by Nov. 6, 2017.

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