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Livingston County Dog Bite Lawsuit Filed - Facial Lacerations & Fractured Jaw

Our Michigan dog bite lawyers recently filed a dog bite lawsuit on behalf of an eighteen year old woman who was attacked by an Akita when she was fourteen years old.  The dog, a Japanese fighting dog, caused significant injuries in the attack.  These include a fractured jaw and facial lacerations which have left permanent disfiguring scars.  The attack also caused dental complications due to the trauma to her jaw.  

The lawsuit was filed in the Livingston County Circuit Court and is pending.   The suit seeks damages for all permissible damages under Michigan law.  These include fright and shock, pain and suffering, and post-traumatice stress disorder related to the attack.  Compensation is also being sought for the scars and disfigured caused by the dog bite.  A claim for medical expenses to date and for future medical expenses is also included in the lawsuit. No trial date has been set.
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