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A Livingston County car accident on I-96 near Fowlerville Road has resulted in multiple injuries.  The accident occurred on November 9, 2008 as a car driven by a 66-year old driver from Grand Rapids struck a car driven by a 17-year old from Waterford.  After this contact, the Grand Rapids driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, went into the median, and rolled over.  The occupants of this vehicle were taken to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing for treatment on undisclosed injuries.

This sounds like it was a very serious accident.  I am very sorry it happened and I hope everyone is recovering from their injuries.

My law firm represents people injured in car accidents.  Many of the people I represent know they should submit a claim like this to their Michigan No Fault insurance company but often, they do not know all the different benefits they qualify for.  No Fault insurance pays a variety of benefits including medical expenses, lost wages, and attendant care, but there are other benefits as well, such as household replacement services, medical transportation benefits, and others.  The car accident lawyers at my law firm would be happy to review your No Fault claim before you submit it to your insurance company to ensure you are claiming every benefit you are entitled to.

In addition to No Fault benefits, people who have been killed or seriously injured in car accidents may be able to sue a negligent driver.  In an accident like this, many people do not know whether the passengers can sue the driver.  In Michigan, passengers can sue their own drivers for negligence, even if they are friends or family members.  People are sometimes hesitant to sue someone they know but I always explain to them that the lawsuit is really against the drivers' insurance company.

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