Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed For Hospital Fall

Our Lansing medical malpractice attorneys recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a major hospital.  The case arises out of the death of a 78 year old man who was admitted to the hospital from a nursing home.   He had no significant health problems but had early onset dementia and his family felt that he would receive the best medical care in a skilled nursing facility.

Upon his admission to the nursing home, he was noted to be a high risk for falls precaustions were implement.   While at the nursing home, he was noted to be dehydrated so the medical staff had him transported to the hospital by ambulance.   At the time of his emergency department admission, he was also determined to be a high risk for falling.  Despite this noted risk, proper precautions were not taken and he fell from the gurney and struck his head on the floor.  The fall was unwitnessed.

Due to a serious visible trauma to the head, he was taken for radiology studies and underwent a CT scan.  Those studies revealed that he suffered a subarachnoid hemorrage, or brain bleed, from the fall.  He was never able to recover and passed away a few weeks later.

On behalf of his surviving wife and family members, we filed a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital.  The suit alleges that the hospital employees were negligent for failing to prevent the fall that caused the death.  The lawsuit seeks damages for his pain and suffering, the loss of his companionship to his family members, medical expenses, and funeral expenses.  No trial date has been set by the court.

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