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Lake St. Clair Boat Accident Tragedy

Tragedy struck the lakes Saturday night with this years first fatal Michigan boating accident. Three boaters were killed and two others were seriously injured when their boat  crashed into a dock at Belvedere Bay.  Police are still investigating the cause of the accident.  The number of Michigan  boating deaths seems to rise every year.  Although alcohol is frequently a factor, there have been no reports confirming that is was a factor in this accident.  There are boating regulations and laws of the lakes, just as there are the "rules of the road" for driving on our highways. 

Boaters and their passengers who are injured in accidents have legal rights to sue a negligent boater for their injuries.  Family members of boaters who have died can often bring a Michigan Wrongful Death lawsuit.  Although the police have not determined fault in this case, it is most common that driver error is the reason for a one boat accident.  As a result, the injured  passengers and their families can most likely pursue a civil case against the owner and driver of the boat. 

My firm handles a number of boating accident cases.  It is important to start an investigation as soon as possible after an accident to gather witnesss statements and take photographs.  With a prompt investigation, the case becomes much stronger and most often, the insurance company of the negligent boater pays the settlement.

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