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Kroger’s Sued by Woman Injured by Falling Metal Lid in Store

Kroger lawsuit filed in MichiganOur Sterling Heights, Michigan, Macomb County neglignece lawyers recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of sixty one year old women who was struck on the head by a metal lid while at the self-checkout line at the Kroger Store in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  The lid was on a container being pushed by a Kroger employee along a catwalk/walkway in the ceiling area of the Kroger.  There is an employee breakroom above the checkout area.  There was no safety netting to catch falling objects in the area of the catwalk/walkway.  The employee was seen laughing following the incident.

Our client was taken to the hospital by ambulance where she required 13 staples to close a severe scalp laceration.  She was diagnosed with a concussion and has received medical care.

The suit was filed in the Macomb County Circuit Court.  The lawsuit seeks compensation for pain and suffering, fright and shock, and payment of medical expenses.  No date has been set for a trial in this matter.

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