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Kroger E. coli Lawyer: Michigan Ohio

Kroger beef has been positively linked to the E. coli outbreak in Michigan and Ohio.  Several dozen cases of the E. coli bacteria have been reported in these states and many have been hospitalized.  Reported illnesses include vomiting, diahrrea, nausea and other symptoms.  E. coli poisoning can be serious and can cause death. 

My firm handles food poisoning cases for sick restaurant and grocery store customers throughout Michigan and Ohio. These include cases for E. coli, salmonella, and other bacteria.  Suppliers of meat products, like Kroger, have a legal duty to take appropriate safeguards to ensure that safe beef is being sold to its customerrs. 

When an outbreak, like the Kroger beef E. coli, occurrs, the ill customers do have legal rights and are entitled to money damages for their injuries and suffering.  Anyone who has become ill as a result of the Kroger E. coli outbreak should contact me as soon as possible.
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