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Kalamazoo Hit and Run Car Accident

A Kalamazoo hit and run car accident has injured one man.  The accident occurred on December 10, 2008 near West Michigan Avenue and Kenbrooke Court at around 1:00am.  Police found a pedestrian who had suffered non-life-threatening injuries lying in a snow bank following the accident.  Police are still looking for the hit and run driver, who is believed to be driving a white midsize car that is missing a passenger side mirror.  Several large pieces of plastic were broken off its front bumper.

I am very sorry this accident occurred.  I hope this man is able to experience a full recovery.  The article makes it sound like his injuries are minor, but given the property damage to the car, the impact must have been very serious.

Even though the man that was injured was a pedestrian, he can still submit a claim through his car insurance for the injuries he has sustained in this accident.  If he submits a claim to his Michigan No Fault insurance company, the insurance will pay for all of his medical expenses including his current hospital bills and any reasonable and necessary follow-up treatment caused by the accident.  No Fault insurance will pay for a portion of his lost wages as well as other benefits depending on the severity of his injuries.

This man may be able to file a lawsuit against the hit and run driver for additional damages.  Michigan law allows only those who are very seriously injured to sue a negligent driver, so this man should speak with a lawyer about his injuries to see if he has a case.  If the man has uninsured motorist insurance coverage, he may be able to submit a claim to that insurance policy instead of suing the other driver.  Again, he should talk to a lawyer to determine if he should do this.

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