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Jackson County Dog Bite Lawsuit Filed For Rottweiler Attack on Child - Facial Scars

We recently filed a dog bite lawsuit in Jackson County, Michigan on behalf of a young girl who suffered significant injuries as a result of a Rottweiler attack.  The girl was attending an event at a property with her parents in Grass Lake, Michigan when the attack occurred.  The dog bit her in the case causing numerous injuries and required over sixty stitches to close the wounds.

The suit was filed against the owner of the dog and the property owner where the attack occurred  The dog was permitted to run loose on the property and was not restrained at the time it attacked the young girl.  The suit alleges that the Defendant property owner is liable for permitting a dangerous dog to run loose on the property and that the dog owner is liable under the Michigan dog bite statute.

The suit seeks significant money damages for the scars and disfigurement caused by the attack, as well as reimbursement of medical expenses and the cost of future medical treatment.  The case has not yet been set for trial.
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