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Jackson Car Accident

A Jackson car accident that occurred at the intersection of Seward and Michigan Avenue sent two women to the hospital.  Police have gotten conflicting reports of what happened, but it appears that one of the cars involved ran a stop sign and collided with the other car.  One of the cars, a Jeep, rolled over and landed upside down.  Both women were transported to Allegiance Health but their injuries were non-life-threatening and both women were conscious.

Although I am very sad to read about this, I have to recognize that it is very fortunate neither woman suffered more severe injuries.  While any car accident can severely disrupt an accident victim's life, this one could easily have been fatal or resulted in serious bodily harm.

I would encourage each woman to submit a claim for Michigan No Fault benefits.  These benefits are available to both drivers regardless of fault and regardless of the severity of the accident.  No Fault benefits will pay for medical expenses and lost wages and may also pay for other services, depending on the severity of each driver's injuries.

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