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Infants Injured In Crib-Related Accidents Is A High Number

Our Michigan child injury lawyers realize crib injuries due to crib-related accidents is a serious concern among parents today. In fact, according to a nationwide analysis of emergency room treatment for crib injuries, almost 10,000 infants and toddlers are hurt in crib and playpen accidents each year.

Even though studies have found that the number of infants injured in crib-related accidents has decreased between the years of 1990 and 2008, an average of 26 infants were injured daily. Most of these injuries were from falls in toddlers between ages 1 and 2.

With the banning of drop-side cribs taking effect June 2011, crib injuries will hopefully decrease even more. Drop-side cribs are proven to be the most dangerous cribs causing many injuries and death including suffocations.

Our Michigan child injury accident attorneys would like to advise parents to be aware of the dangers of drop-side cribs and always take precaution when your child is in a crib or playpen. To help prevent infant injuries, we advise parents to lower the crib's mattress when children grow tall enough to lean over the rails and moving children to toddler beds when they reach 35 inches tall.

Parents of infants and toddlers who suffer injuries due to a crib-related accident may have legal rights. Contact our office now at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your case and learn your legal rights.

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