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How To Choose A Michigan Personal Injury Attorney | Truth About Lawyer Advertising

The Michigan personal injury attorney you choose to represent you can mean the difference between getting a fair settlement or no settlement, but how do you know who to choose?   If you look in the attorney section of the “yellow pages” or the phone book, all advertisements look the same.   Big TV advertisements and radio advertisements sound very similar as well. You find yourself asking, what’s the difference between this Michigan lawyer and the others, and if there is a difference how will I know? Choosing an experienced Michigan lawyer who can get you the maximum personal injury settlement you’re entitled to is not an easy task, however there are some factors to consider when it comes to lawyer advertising and choosing the right lawyer.

Daniel L. Buckfire co-authored his book, “The Truth About Lawyer Advertising,” with the nation’s top lawyer advertising expert, Ben Glass, to reveal the secrets that consumers must know about lawyers who advertise before they hire an attorney. It discusses the truth behind the big television advertising lawyers, including celebrity endorsements of law firms, and other misleading claims.  It also explains what you need to look for when searching through the lawyer listings telephone directory. Best of all, it tells you how to find the best lawyer for your case.

Our book is very controversial because it explains the inside secrets that lawyers who spend big cash for their television commercials and telephone book advertisements don’t want you to know. You will learn what is really behind the advertising and the myths about the lawyers who advertise. Some of the key points include the questions you must ask before hiring a lawyer, how to find the best lawyer for your case, what those phrases like “We Care About You” really mean, and the truth about lawyers who claim to never lose a case.

Our book was listed on Amazon but recently sold out.  However, you can instantly download your free copy at  

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