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Hospital Medical Malpractice Cases in Michigan

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers often represent victims of malpractice against hospitals in the State of Michigan.  Under Michigan law, a patient can pursue a medical malpractice claim against the hospital for acts of medical negligence that occur in the hospital.  These are typically mistakes made by hospital physicians and nursing staff.  However, not every incident of malpractice that occurs in a Michigan hospital can be blamed on the hospital.

In Michigan, the hospital is not liable for medical malpractice by doctors who are simply using the hospital for surgical purposes or those who are primary care physicians whose patients have been admitted to the hospital if the negligent treatment was caused by that physician as opposed to the hospital staff.  For example, if a patient sees a specialist not employed by the hospital who treats the patient at the hospital, the hospital may not be held accountable for acts of malpractice by that physician.  The same holds true for a internist or family practice doctor who admits a patient to the hospital.

If a hospital physician is also actively involved in the care of the patient and commits malpractice, the hospital can be held liable.  This may also be true for radiologists and anesthesiologists employed by the hospital who see a patient in connection with a private physician. 

The law on this issue is very complex and it is essential to choose a Michigan medical malpractice lawyer with experience in hospital medical malpractice cases.  We recently added a number of Library Articles to our website regarding hospital malpractice cases in the major counties throughout Michigan.  This includes articles articles for hospitals in Macomb County, Genesee County, Kalamazoo County, Wayne County, Ingham County, Oakland County, Washtenaw County, and other major counties in the State of Michigan.
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