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Hip Fractures From Falls - Michigan Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

I have written several articles recently regarding hip fractures that result from falls in nursing homes.   These fall often occur because residents are not properly supervised or bed rails are not up in their beds. These incidents can give rise to a nursing home lawsuit.

The outcome for nursing home residents who sustain a hip fracture are disappointing:

  • 17% to 33% mortality rate for the year following the fall
  • 25% to 33% of residents are unable to walk following surgery and physical therapy
  • Up to 15% of hip fracture patients suffer from pressure sores

A nursing home or residential care facility may be liable for the injuries that result from a hip fracture in their nursing home.  Because the recovery is difficult and uncertain, the damages in these cases can be significant. It is important to contact our law firm as soon as possible after an incident so that we can begin our investigation of the incident, locate witnesses, and secure the medical chart before it can be altered.

My parent was in a nursing home for short-term skilled therapy in the hopes of returning to home after a short prior hospitalization. Against all reason & commonsense, a nurse placed my parent (who couldn't walk unassisted and has dementia) unattended and unrestrained in a chair after the spouse left. Within minutes, my parent fell and shattered the femur, needing major surgery. My parent has no hopes of recovering now and is dying. My parents are suffering, and as a nurse myself, I am extremely angry at the negligent behavior of the nurse involved. On top of that, it took her 20 min to call 911 because 'paperwork' had to be completed. My parent will be gone in a few days and my other parent will be devastated. Do we have a case? At the very least, I am hoping it changes the policy of how patients like my parent are handled for the sake of future dementia patients with dementia and severe osteoporosis.
by Karen November 24, 2009 at 05:53 PM
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