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Hip Dysplasia Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Pediatrician

Our medical malpractice attorneys recently filed a lawsuit in the Oakland County Circuit Court against a pediatrician and pediatric office.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a two year old girl due to the failure of her doctor to timely diagnose her condition of developmental hip dysplasia (DDH).  This is a condition involving the hip joint in children in which the ball of the hip joint (femoral head), the socket of the hip joint (the acetabulum), or both are not properly aligned .   If the condition is diagnosed early on, the child can often undergo non-surgical treatment to repair the condition.   A misdiagnosis or late diagnosis often results in major surgery for the child.

In our lawsuit, the child was at high risk for hip dysplasia due to a number of classic risk factors.  These include that she was a female, a first born, a twin, and was in the breech position prior to delivery.  These facts alone should have raised a high index of suspicion for the pediatrician to consider radiology testing, like a plain x-ray or ultrasound, early on to determine if the condition existed.  This was not done.

There are also a number of other tests performed on physical exam that provide an indication of hip dysplasia.  These tests are performed at the well visit exams to listen for a “click” at the hip area, demonstrating that the hip was out of socket.  Although the doctor claims that he performed these tests and that they were normal, this could not have been the case because her condition existed from birth.  As such, a properly performed exam would have led to a timely diagnosis of the condition.

Our young client underwent surgery at the University of Michigan Mott’s Children Hospital.  She has undergone a painful course of physical therapy and a lengthy recovery.  She may require additional surgeries in the future and has an unsightly scar on her leg and hip area.  The lawsuit seeks damages for her pain and suffering, reimbursement of medical expenses, and other damages permissible under Michigan law.  The suit was filed at the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac, Michigan.  No trial date has been set by the court.

Hip Dysplasia Malpractice LawyersFor a hip dysplasia malpractice case, our attorneys will establish that the pediatrician should have detected the condition early on and that if diagnosed, the use of Pavlik harness (picutred to the right) would have been effective and the child would have not required surgery.  We will consult with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon and review the surgical records and radiology films in an attempt to make this determination.  Children whose hip dysplasia diagnosis was late or misdiagnosed have become victims of medical malpractice and a lawsuit may be able to be pursued against the pediatrician.  For more information on a hip dysplasia malpractice case and the statute of limitations in Michigan for filing a claim, call our top rated law firm today at (800) 606-1717.  Our experienced medical malpractice attorneys will explain your rights to you and represent you under our No Win, No Fee Promise which means no legal fees or costs until we win or settle your case.  Call now for your free, no obligation case review.

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