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Head Injuries After A Bike Accident | Michigan Child Injury Lawyers

Did you know that children under sixteen years old account for 40% of all bicycle accident deaths in the United States?  Of those tragic deaths, 44% are due to head injuries.   In addition, 7% of all brain injuries in the United States are from bicycle-related accidents.  As a parent, it is vital that your children to wear a bicycle helmet every time they ride their bike.

The National Center for Statistics and Analysis cites: “Bicycle helmets are 85%-88% effective in eliminating or reducing fatalities and head injuries from bicycle accidents.”   Here are some tips that parents can use to get their children to wear a helmet EVERY TIME they ride their bike:

1. Start them wearing a helmet as early as possible, even when they are on a tricycle.
2. Let them choose their own helmet.  Just make sure that it’s comfortable, fits properly, and safe.
3. Wear a helmet yourself when riding a bike to lead by example.
4. Encourage your child’s friends to wear helmets.
5. Teach your child the importance of the brain and protecting his or her head.
6. Give your child a short course in bicycle safety to show that wearing a helmet is not a rule that you invented. Check out for more information.
7. Show your child that professional bicyclists and other athletes wear helmets.
8. Take your child to bicycle racing events where all participants wear helmets.
9. Praise your children openly for wearing a helmet.
10.  Be firm and consistent in your demand for helmet use.  If you let it go even once, they will quickly presume that it is not always mandatory.

Our child injury lawyers highly recommend following these tips. Following these tips will encourage helmet use and prevent serious injuries from bike accidents to your children.

If you or your child suffer head injuries after a Michigan bicycle accident, call our office now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our experienced injury lawyers and discuss your case.

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