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Grand Rapids Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer

A Grand Rapids hit and run car accident happened when a woman became frustrated with traffic on Saturday morning near an Elks Lodge on Linden Avenue.  The woman backed her car up, but she clipped one pedestrian and struck another.  That person was dragged under the car while the car crashed into a building.  The woman fled the scene but subsequently turned herself in.  Both victims of the accident suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  Alcohol is believed to be a factor in the accident.

This seems like it was a brutal accident, and I hope that both victims are able to recover fully.  I want to remind everyone that leaving the scene of an accident violates state law and many municipalities have separate hit and run ordinances.

My law firm represents people injured in car accidents.  The best thing the two pedestrians can do is to have a family member submit a Michigan No Fault insurance claim.  This will cover their medical expenses and lost wages if they have to miss work because of the accident.  They may also be eligible for other benefits depending on the severity of their injuries.  Finally, if the pedestrians were very seriously hurt in the accident, they may also have a legal claim directly against the driver for damages not covered by the No Fault Act.

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