Gas Company Liability For Home Explosion in Royal Oak

The Royal Oak home explosion on February 27, 2013 may present some harsh criticism against the gas company once the investigatation is completed.  Consumers Engery is working with the Royal Oak police and fire department to determine the cause of the  case explosion that damaged thirty-five  homes and caused the death of a 58 year old man.  Reports indicate that a Consumers Energy crew was working in the area for several hours before the explosion.

The investigation will undoudtedly take some time to complete, but I would bet that gas company officials are looking to fault either another company or person for causing the explosion.  Also, you shouldn't be surprised if they blame some other source for the explosion.  The claims and lawsuits that might arise from this devastating explosion will be piling up over the next several weeks.

There are hundreds of innocent victims of the Royal Oak gas explosion.  The gentleman who was killed in the explosion and his family members and friends are the most obvious victims, but you should also consider the homeowners and property owners whose homes have been damaged or destroyed.  Also consider their valuable personal property, belongings, and cars that have been damaged or destroyed.  These peoples lives have been completely interrupted.

Once the cause of the explosion is determined, the next step is to determine whether the gas company or anyone else was negligent or careless and this caused the explosion.  After this has been done, the legal work begins for attorneys representing Royal Oak residents who have suffered injuries or damages for this terrible event.  The family of the gentleman killed in the explosion should consider filing a Michigan Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

If you or someone you know have been injured or had property damaged from this explosion, you should videotape and photograph all of your damaged items and property.  You should also make every effort to preserve the damaged items as proof of your loss and make an itemized log of your losses.  If you have homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance, these things will be vital to you receiving fair payment on your claims from the insurance company.  For additional advice, call our Michigan gas explosion lawyers today at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your legal rights.



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