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Fowlerville School Bus Accident

A Fowlerville school bus accident resulted in four children being injured on January 20, 2009.  The accident occurred on Fowlerville Road when a 17-year old girl from Fowlerville failed to stop for a school bus as it was dropping off children and rear-ended it.  Four of the 20 students on the bus were injured, and two of these were taken to St. Joseph Mercy Livingston Hospital for treatment while the other two sought medical treatment on their own.  The 17-year old was taken by ambulance to UM Hospital with non-life-treatening injuries.

This is a very unfortunate accident, and I am very sorry it occurred.  The article does not indicate how serious any of the injuries are, but I want to express my hope that everyone is able to recover fully.

Many people do not realize it, but in an accident like this, the parents' car insurance will cover the children's injuries.  The reason for this is that the bus and the truck that hit it are consider motor vehilces under the Michigan No Fault act so as long as the children live with a parent who has car insurance, their injuries will be covered by their parent's insurance.

No Fault insurance will pay for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses and may provide other benefits depending on how seriously the children were injured.  In addition, if the children were very seriously injured, they might also be able to sue the driver of the pickup truck for causing their injuries.  If their injuries are severe enough to sue, they would have a very strong case because Michigan law creates a presumption that a person who rear-ends another vehicle was negligent.

The driver of the pickup truck can also file for No Fault benefits even though the law presumes she was at fault for the accident.  No Fault benefits are available regardless of fault.

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