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Falling Store Shelf Causes Head Injury Settlement – MI Brain Injury Lawyer

Our premises liability lawyers recently settled a lawsuit against Kroger arising from an incident in which a wire shelving rack fell and struck our client in the head.  The shelf was loose and negligently placed in the display.  Our client removed a  product from a display when the shelf fell off the display and hit her on the top of her  head.   The plaintiff was at the store to stock the shelves for a food supplier.

The falling store shelf caused a significant open wound on her head and she bled profusely from the laceration.  She was taken to Lapeer Regional Medical Center for emergency room treatment and was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome and a head injury.  Our client continued to suffer cognitive deficits in the months following the incident, including a mood disorder due to the brain injury.   She was referred for a neuropsychological examination to determine the nature and extent of her head injury and the results demonstrated that she had in fact suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The Defendant store disputed that it had any notice of the dangerous condition and that the symptoms claimed by the Plaintiff were the result of the head trauma.  A lawsuit was filed in the Lapeer County Circuit Court and the parties engaged in depositions and other discovery.  Shortly before trial, the parties agreed to settle the lawsuit for $90,000.00. 

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