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Senior Facility Sued for Fall From Wheelchair in Van

Our Michigan auto accident lawyers recently filed a lawsuit in the Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit, Michigan.  The lawsuit arises out of catastrophic injuries suffered by a 95 year old woman in a transportation van.  She was a resident of a senior living facility and was being transported to a medical appointment by a facility driver.

The 95 year old victim resided in an independent living facility at the time of the incident.  She had her own apartment with a kitchen and prepared most of her own meals.  She was very active and walked around the facility without the assistance of any walking device.  She participated in numerous activities and was mentally sharp.

On November 2, 2015, she was being transported by a facility staff member in a company owned transpiration van.  While in the van, the facility required that she be seated in a wheelchair for safety purposes.  Unfortunately, the driver failed to secure her in her seat with a lap belt.  While driving, the driver made a sharp turn and she fell out of the chair striking her head.  She suffered a brain bleed from the fall which completely changed the course of her life.

On her behalf, we filed a lawsuit against the senior living facility and the driver of the van.  The lawsuit alleges the Defendant was negligent:

  1. By failing to properly inspect and determine whether Plaintiff and her wheelchair were properly secured in the vehicle to prevent injury or harm to her.
  2. By failing to properly secure Plaintiff and her wheelchair in the vehicle before driving the vehicle.
  3. By driving said vehicle with Plaintiff  and her wheelchair not properly secured to the vehicle.
  4. By failing to take other actions and measures to prevent injury or harm to Plaintiff.
  5. Other acts of negligence and gross negligence that become known through the course of discovery.

Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury from the fall.  She required extensive hospitalization and developed other serious medical conditions due to the fall.  She was unable to return to her previous residence and was placed in a skilled nursing care facility.  She has been unable to walk since the incident and is confined to her bed.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for her pain and suffering, disability, and other non-economic damages. .She has been unable to return to her pre-accident activities and her enviable lifestyle for a 95 year old woman.  Her medical bills are being paid by the no-fault insurance company that insured the transpiration van. There has been no trial date set by the court.

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