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Erbs Palsy Verdict Against St. John Hospital In Detroit- Medical Malpractice

A Detroit, Michigan jury just awarded a child with Erb's Palsy a significant verdict in a Michigan birth injury lawsuit.  The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a child against St. John Hospital alleging that the child's condition of Erb's Palsy was due to the negligence of the hospital and a physician at the time of delivery.  The child, now age 3 1/2, suffered serious and permanent injuries as a result.

The jury awarded damages for the lifetime of the child.  When converted back to present value, the amount is approximately $600,000.00.  The money will most likely be placed in a trust fund or structured annuity to help care for the child's special needs.  There will also most likely be attorney's fees and other sanctions imposed by the court against the hospital.

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