Dumb Laws in Michigan - Real or Not Real?

In the recent Spring 2013 edition of our Quarterly newsletter at the law firm of Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C., our personal injury attorneys published a story, called “Dumb Laws in Michigan – Real or Not Real?”  Laws are generally good for society; however, in many states including Michigan, there are still laws in effect that many way wonder about the people who wrote them.  In fact, some of them are so absurd, many may also wonder who would even think to break them.  While no one is really enforcing these laws, the fact of the matter is that they are still on the books.

In the featured story, we listed a few real and not real laws.  The test is to see if you know which of these dumb laws were actually passed in Michigan and those that are not real.  The real and not real laws that were featured along with their answers are posted below:

  1. No personal shall sell, offer for sale, distribute or use any “confetti” or other substance of like nature on the public streets.  The intent and purpose of this law is to prevent persons from pelting one another or on the public within the city with the aforementioned substances.
  • TRUE in the City of Detroit: Sec. 38-1-15. - Confetti.

2. No person shall loiter in or about the Wayne County Morgue in the City of Detroit.

  • TRUE in the City of Detroit: Sec. 38-1-5. - Same - In Morgue building

3. No person shall fire a canyon in any public street, avenue, alley, park or other public place without first having obtained a written permit from the mayor, which permit shall only be granted when it shall appear to the mayor that such firing is to be done under the supervision of experienced gunners.

  • TRUE in the City of Detroit: Sec. 38-10-10. - Firing of cannon

4. No person may consume more than three sips of beer at a time if they are standing up.

  • FALSE; However, it is true in the State of Texas.

5. It is illegal to get a fish drunk.

  • FALSE; However, it is true in the State of Ohio.

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