Drunk Driving Accidents & Michigan Lawsuits

We are often hired as the attorneys for victims of Michigan drunk driving accidents.  The number of these drunk driving incidents is alarming and the injuries are often catastrophic.  The victim of a drunk driving accident has a number of potential claims.  These include claims for Michigan No-Fault Insurance Benefits, claims for personal injuries against the drunk driver, and claims against the bar or establishment that served the drunk driver with alcohol before the accident.  This type of claim is called a Dram Shop Case.

With all of these claims, there are strict deadlines and time limitations so it is essential to contact an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.  In cases involving drunk drivers, this is even more important because an investigation into where the person consumed alcoho and who served it to him becomes vital to the case.  It is often necessary to locate witnesses who were present in the bar or restaurant who can testify that the individual was visibly intoxicated when served more alcohol.  With the passage of time, it becomes increasingly difficult to locate witnesses to prove this claim.
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