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Dog Bite Settlement For Child Bitten By Vicious Dog - Michigan Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite lawsuit recently settled for $290,000 for a girl who was attacked and bitten in the face by a vicious dog.  The girl suffered significant injuries and visible scars as a result of the attack.  She may need plastic surgery in the future to minimize the appearance of the scar.  The insurance company for the owner of the dog paid the settlement.

Dog bites and attacks can cause significant permanent injuries and cause the victim to incur major medical expenses.  Common injuries from dog bites include facial scars, disfigurement, and nerve injuries.  Other dog attack victims suffer fractured bones from the bites or incur other injuries while trying to escape the attack.  Under Michigan law, the owner of the dog is liable to the victim for the attack.

It is essential to contact an experienced Michigan dog bite lawyer to assist you with your case.  If you are contacted by the insurance adjuster before you speak with a lawyer, it is best to politely decline the interview.  Insurance adjusters are trained to ask questions that may destroy your case at a later date.

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