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DeWitt Township Car Accident

Our car accident lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. are reporting on a fatal DeWitt Township car accident that killed two young men and severely injured seven more people. The accident occurred on November 16, 2008 on Clark Road where it crosses U.S. 127. The accident happened after a pickup truck fishtailed into a minivan. Justin "Jup" Chapman, 22, of DeWitt and Tyler McClure, 24, of Lansing, the driver of the pickup truck and a passenger, died at the scene of the accident. The Brown family, including the parents and 5 children all suffered injuries of varying degree, with the worst being suffered by the Browns' 11-year old foster son, who is in ICU at Sparrow Hospital.

This accident is a tragedy. I want to extend my sympathies to everyone involved and I hope everyone in the Brown family is able to recover completely.

Everyone involved in this accident is eligible to receive Michigan No Fault insurance benefits, including the children and Justin Chapman, who arguably was at fault for the accident. No Fault insurance will pay all medical expenses, a portion of lost wages, and other benefits. The Chapman and McClure families will be able to collect survivor loss benefits as well.

In addition, if Justin Chapman is in fact determined to be the at-fault driver, Tyler McClure's estate and any members of the Brown family who were seriously injured in the accident may be able to file a lawsuit seeking additional compensation for their injuries. An experienced Michigan car accident attorney would be able to help evaluate their potential case.

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