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Detroit School Bus Accident | Michigan Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

A Detroit School bus accident has resulted in the death of a pedestrian.  The accident occurred on Conant Street near Gaylord when a 41-year old man was walking across the street.  According to reports, the accident occurred in the early morning while it was still dark, street lights in the area were not working, and the man was wearing dark clothing.  No children were on the bus at the time.  The bus is owned by Safeway Transportation.

This is very tragic, especially since it is so senseless.  Even if it was dark, the bus should not have been traveling so fast that it could not stop in time to avoid hitting a person.  I want to express my condolences to the family of this man.  At least there were no children on the bus, since bus accidents are often much worse than car accidents due to the lack of seat belts and other safety features on buses.

Although the family probably does not want to think about this right now, they should submit a claim for Michigan No Fault insurance.  Submitting a claim now will give them immediate support through a survivor loss claim, which will pay a portion of the funeral expenses.  No Fault benefits will also cover the cost of any medical expenses incurred by the man because of the accident and may provide a portion of his wages if he was working or seeking work when the accident occurred.  In addition, the family can sue the bus driver and Safeway Transportation for wrongful death.  There are several legal theories they can sue under, which is why they should consult an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer for help in evaluating their options.

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