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Detroit Pedestrian Loses Leg | Detroit Car Accident Lawyers

A pedestrian lost her leg in a Detroit hit and run car accident on February 1, 2009.  Jasmine Foreman, 30, had to have her leg amputated after being struck by a hit and run driver while crossing Michigan Avenue.  One of her cousin's said she rolled up over the hood of the car and onto the roof before being thrown off.  Police are still looking for the driver who hit her.  The car was a dark-colored Oldsmobile Alero that may have damage to its windshield.

I almost cannot believe someone would have such a disregard for human life as to drive off after hitting Jasmine Foreman.  If what her cousin said is true, there could be no mistake that the driver hit a person.  I hope the driver is found and prosecuted criminally.  I am very sorry for Jasmine and her family, and I hope her other injuries heal fully.

Although Michigan No Fault benefits will help most people who are injured in car accidents, they are especially beneficial to people who are severely injured.  Jasmine Foreman should submit a claim to her insurance as soon as possible.  Through her No Fault policy she will be able to collect payment for her medical expenses, including her hospital bills and follow-up for rehab and continued monitoring.  If she was working or unemployed but looking for work, she will be able to collect wage loss benefits.  She will also be able to collect household replacement services benefits and special transportation benefits because of her inability to operate a car due to her injury.  Her insurance company will even pay for her to hire a case manager to coordinate her different doctors' appointments and help her coordinate her insurance benefits.

In addition, to her claim for No Fault benefits, Jasmine Foreman may be able to file a lawsuit against the hit and run driver if the driver is ever identified.  This would be in addition to any criminal prosecution that the police or prosecutor's office might file.  Even if the driver is not identified, she may be able to file a claim for additional benefits through an insurance company if she or someone she lives with had uninsured motorist coverage.  She should discuss a possible lawsuit with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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