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Detroit Motorcycle Attorneys Help Victim File Accident Claim

Our Detroit motorcycle accident attorneys recently filed a Wayne County lawsuit on behalf of a 60-year old client who was hit by a motor vehicle while riding his motorcycle.  As a result of the collision, our motorcyclist client suffered multiple orthopedic injuries, a closed head injury, and post-concussion syndrome.

Detroit Motorcycle Accident AttorneyHis orthopedic injuries included Cevicalgia, and injuries to his shoulder, leg, left knee and pelvis. Extensive physical treatment is required to help treat his multiple injuries.

Our client was riding his bike when a driver negligently turned in front of his motorcycle and collided with him.

Unfortunately in the City of Detroit, motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence.  In fact, according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, the following driver hazards cause the most accidents annually within the metro Detroit area:

  • Failing to leave clear distance- 9,372 incidents
  • Failure to yield- 4,948 incidents
  • Speeding- 3,471 incidents
  • Improper passing- 1,107 incidents
  • Improper backing- 1,503 incidents

In this specific case, our client has the legal right to pursue a personal injury claim for his pain and suffering damages as well as a no-fault insurance claim.

Our expert Detroit motorcycle accident attorneys filed a lawsuit against the negligent driver of the car that collided with our client’s motorcycle.  We also filed a Michigan no-fault insurance claim against the motorcyclist victims own insurance company for failure to pay no-fault benefits, including payment of medical bills and lost wages from work.  Under Michigan law, his insurance company is required to pay no-fault PIP benefits, however is currently refusing to do so.

The motorcycle accident occurred in Wayne County; therefore the lawsuit was filed in the Wayne County Circuit Court located in Detroit, MI.  No trial date has been set for the case.

For more information about filing a claim after your motorcycle accident or to speak with one of our top rated Detroit attorneys to see how we can help you call our top rated Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. law firm today at (800) 606-1717.  Our lawyers have significant experience in helping motorcycle accident victims attain maximum settlement for their injuries and receive the justice they deserve. Call now to discuss your case. We will be able to answer any questions you may have, provide free sound legal solutions to your problems, and determine whether or not you have a Michigan motorcycle injury claim.

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