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Detroit Car Accidents

The Michigan car accident lawyers at our firm handle a significant number of cases for clients injured in Detroit auto accidents.  The number of major highways that run right through Detroit and the volume of cars, trucks, and motorcycles in the city unfortunately means a large number of accidents.  These lawsuits are typically filed in the Wayne County Circuit Court, a traditionally good venue for accident and injury victims. 

In cases involving serious and fatal accidents, the City of Detroit Police Department utilizes their own trained accident reconstruction unit.  The members of this team are typically trained in both the classroom and in the field to investigate accidents, take measurements of skid marks, speak with witnesses, and to  take photographs.  The goal of the investigation is to determine which driver was at fault in the accident and how it happened.  These findings are often very helpful to us attorneys who are trying to prove which driver caused the accident and we often rely on these investigators to help us prove our case.

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