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Delta Township Car Accident | Lansing Car Accident Lawyers

A Delta Township car accident was caused by what dispatchers called a medical emergency on December 4, 2008.  The accident occurred in the parking lot of a Meijer store in Delta Township, when a driver suffered the medical emergency.  The driver crashed his vehicle into several other vehicles in the parking lot.  No one else was injured.  Other details were not available, although the report does indicate resuscitation efforts were ongoing an hour after the accident.

I am very sorry this accident occurred.  I hope the victim is able to pull through and eventually fully recover from any injuries or medical ailments he has suffered.

Although dealing with an insurance company is probably the last thing they want to do, this driver's family should submit a claim to their Michigan No Fault insurance company.  No Fault insurance will pay all reasonable and necessary medical expenses caused by this accident as well as a portion of the driver's lost wages.  Other benefits may be available depending on the circumstances of this accident.  If the driver dies as a result of the car accident, his family should submit a No Fault survivor loss claim so they can receive a payment for a portion of the funeral cost as well as payments for loss of household services and loss of financial support.

In an accident like this, the No Fault insurance company may try to argue that any expenses were necessitated by the medical emergency and not by the car accident.  I would strongly encourage this driver's family to contact a lawyer as soon as possible so they avoid losing out on any benefits this driver is rightfully entitled to.

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