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Dearborn Boy Drowns in Kalihari Water Park in Ohio

Ohio police report that a three year old Dearborn boy drowned at the Kalihari Water Park in Sandusky, Ohio.  Authorities are still investigating the incident.  My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. 

As a parent who has taken his children to a number of water parks before, I know how chaotic these facilities can be.  With the large number of children, the noise, and the total chaos, it is a stressful experience for any parent.  It is extremely important that the water park management have all possible safety precautions in place and proper lifeguarding at the pools.  The lifeguards must be able to constantly scan the waters for swimmers who go under the water or may be in distress. 

The failure to have necessary safety precautions in place can give rise to a water park accident lawsuit.  If the facility was negligent and a child is injured or drowns, the water park may be liable to the victim or the family for monetary compensation.  An experienced water park accident attorney will obtain all of the records and interview witnesses to see if the facility was at fault for a tragic accident, like this one.
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