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C-Section Delay Causes Birth Injury - Medical Malpractice & Birth Trauma

A Michigan birth injury lawsuit against a local hospital  and obstetrician recently settled for $2.9 million dollars.  The suit alleged that the the medical providers delayed performing an emergency c-section and as a result the child suffered permanent developmental impairments.  The suit also alleged that the nursing staff was negligent for failing to page the CRNA and anesthesiologist and neglected to properly place necessary monitoring devices on the mother.  It alleges that these omissions caused further delay and harmed the unborn child.  The case settled before trial.

Birth trauma cases, especially those involving permanent impairments, often result in significant settlements.  This is mainly due to the lifetime care necessary for the child as well as the loss of earning capacity that the child will suffer due to the disabilities caused by the negligence.  It is very important to choose an experienced Michigan birth injury lawyer to handle such a case due to the complexities in both the medicince and the law.

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