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Closed Head Injuries & Brain Injuries in MI Accident

Our brain injury Michigan lawyers have significant expertise in closed head injury cases.  A closed head injury is a type of traumatic brain injury and occurs when there is no penetration of the skull.  These can happen from blunt trauama or even from acceleration-deceleration, like the head thrust forward and backwards quickly.  The results can be devasating and cause memory loss, other forms of brain dysfunction and even death.  Because this is an invisible injury, many people simply do not understand the serious nature of a closed head injury.

Many insurance companies actually use this fact against brain injury victims and deny important insurance benefits for this reason.  They go so far as to pay millions of dollars to hired gun medical experts who call brain injury victims fakers, exaggerators, and malingerers.  Because the injury cannot be seen and most often does not even show up on an MRI or CT scan, the insurance doctors portray the brain injury victim as someone who either has no injury or some other type of condition, like depression unrelated to the accident.  For this reason, it is essential that a closed head injury victim choose the best possible lawyer for his or her case.

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