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Clawson Car Accident | Drunk Driver Hits Bicyclist

A suspected drunk driver from Troy struck a bicyclist from Clawson last week.  The accident occurred near 14 Mile Road and Main Street when the driver pulled out of a parking spot near the Black Lotus Brewery.  The bicyclist had been riding his bicycle in the northbound lane of Main Street.  The man was transported to Beaumont Hospital with internal injuries and severe head trauma.  Weather conditions and roadside construction may have contributed to the accident, however, the driver also blew a 0.17 on a preliminary Breathalyzer test, which is over twice the legal limit.

This is a truly senseless accident and I was very sorry to have read about it.  I hope that the bicyclist has a complete and speedy recovery.

Too often, I encounter people who do not know what rights they have when they are involved in a car accident.  They frequently do not realize that Michigan law offers them some many recourses if they have been severely injured.  Michigan No Fault insurance provides for payment of all medical expenses including the hospital bills incurred at the time of the accident and any reasonable and necessary medical expense required by the accident.  No Fault insurance also covers a portion of lost wages, payment for household replacement services, and payment for supervised attendant care after a patient is released from the hospital.

In addition, people who are seriously injured can sue the other drivers for negligence, and when a drunk driver is involved, they may be able to sue the bar or restaurant that served the drunk driver alcohol.  The best way to determine someone's rights after a car accident would be to consult an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer.

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