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Chiropractor Sued For Medical Malpractice in Michigan - Disc Herniation

Our Michigan medical malpractice lawyers recently filed a chiropractic malpractice case against a Michigan chiropractor on behalf of our client. The client presented to the chiropractor for discomfort in her neck and back.  Due to the overly aggressive and forceful adjustments and manipulations of her cervical spine, the patient suffered a two-level disc herniation.  Her injuries were so severe that a cervical discectomy and two-level fusion was required by a local neurosurgeon.

The lawsuit alleges that proper imaging studies should have been performed and that the patient should have been referred to an outside medical physician prior to getting any chiropractic adjustments.  As a result of the alleged injuries and need for neurosurgical intervention, the client has been left with significant pain and mobility issues.  The lawsuit was filed in Wayne County Circuit Court.

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