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Child Injury Lawyers Discuss Car Seat & Booster Seat Safety Tips To Prevent Car Accident Injury

A recent survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Safe Kids, found that parents are making many mistakes when using car seats and booster seats.

Specifically the NHTSA survey reveals the five most significant and commonly observed mistakes made by parents and caregivers when using and installing car seats and booster seats: These include

1.      Wrong harness slot used - The harness straps used to hold the child in the car seat were positioned either too low or too high

2.      Harness chest clip positioned over the abdomen rather than the chest or not used at all

3.      Loose car seat installation - The restraint system moved more than two inches side-to-side or front to back; anything more than one inch is too much.

4.      Loose harness - More than two inches of total slack between the child and the harness strap; there should be no slack.

5.      Seat belt placement was wrong – Lap belt resting over the stomach and/or shoulder belt on the child's neck or face.

It is also recommended to not purchase a used car seat for your child. If the car seat looks to be disheveled, then chances are it probably won’t fulfill your needs of proper safety. Also, always read instructions for proper installation of car seats and booster seats.

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