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Child Daycare Lawsuit Filed

Our firm recently filed a lawsuit in the Kent County Circuit Court on behalf of a young boy who suffered serious injuries to his index finger while at a daycare facility.  The boy's finger was severed by a dangerous and defective paper holder that was made by the center.  He had surgery to repair the injury, but he was left with a permanent injury.  The suit alleges that he was not properly supervised by his teachers and that the center had dangerous items that should have been kept away from small children, like our client.
My child had an accident at preschool(U of M CDC ann arbor) on April 31. His nail had gone. Emergency doctor said that my child would never get nail again. Because whole nail had gone including root. My child’s doctor said if he is lucky, he may get new nail within 3 months, but it is regarded that it will not grow back medically . Also, he stated that if we found his nail at that time, he could have taken surgery to reattach the nail to the finger. But teachers didn’t do emergency treat. They just applied two small bands. They said I didn’t need to pick him up and he didn’t need to go hospital. Also, they didn’t tell me why my child was injured. They said they didn’t see my child fall. They just told me that my child fell down with toy shopping cart. But his classmate stated that my child rolled over and over from a roof. I don’t know what the roof is, anyway, it doesn’t make sense any teacher didn’t see him fall. We really shocked in despair when we heard from a doctor that my child would never get nail again. We still can not asleep in shock. My child just became 3. He is a little child like a baby. It is difficult for him to take care of his injured finger because he is too young. The wound area should be cleansed and old band should be changed two times every day. But, whenever parents try to change the dressing on the finger, he screams and cries in pain which could result in trauma. It’s a matter about handicap! Also, we are Korean. I think this matter about discrimination. When I visited to classroom to see him after teacher called me, he looked shocked and trembled for fear. He can’t speak yet because he is too young. But teacher said I didn’t need to pick him up. If I did in her opinion, teachers would have left injured Alex behind. They were irresponsible. I feel they are too cruel. Even though whole of the nail had gone! How teacher applied just a band? In addition, she applied it too tight for the painful finger! I’d like to demand their apologies and compensations for our mental blow, hospital fee, admission fee and tuitions from January to April. Also this injury can result in permanent handicap in the future. So I request their responsibility for this handicap.
by Yuri Hong May 7, 2009 at 10:08 AM
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