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Car Accidents and Wrongful Death Cases in Michigan

The Michigan car accident lawyers at our firm our often hired by the surviving family members of a person who dies in a car accident in Michigan.  In these cases, the family is seeking compensation for the loss of a loved one.  Unfortunately, as everyone knows, no amount of money will every compensate them for their loss.

Under Michigan Wrongful Death Act, the family members can sue a negligent driver for money damages related to the loss of another family member that dies in an auto accident.  The family appoints a personal representative, which is usually another family member, to be the person in charge of the case.  The personal representative works closely with our attorneys throughout the case and has the final input regarding whether to settle the case or proceed to trial.

These cases almost always settle before a trial.  The amount of the settlement typically depends on the insurance policy limits of the defendant.  Many drivers have the minimum insurance policy limits of $20,000 and other defendants, like trucking companies, can have insurance policies in the millions of dollars.  During the discovery part of the lawsuit, a thorough investigation is made into the insurance policies of the defendant and the owner of the defendant's vehicle to help determine the total amount of insurance coverage available to compensate the family.

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