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California Child Abuse Lawyer | Shaken Baby Syndrome

San Francisco child abuse lawyer Chris Keane has a national reputation for his tremendous work on behalf of children who have been the victim of abuse.  He has pioneered this litigation in both Michigan and California.  Defendants in these cases are often physicians, police agencies, and others who fail in their mandatory reporting duties and as a result of their failure, a child is subject to additional abuse. 

These children often suffer significant and catastrophic injuries from physical trauma, including Shaken Baby Syndrome.  Through litigation, Chris seeks compensation for their present needs and future care over their lifetime.  Because he handles only child injury cases, he understands the long term needs of the child and establishes trust funds and insurance annuities to guarantee that the will receive proper care even into adulthood.

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Can a person that was convicted for SBS(child abuse in the 4th degree) although the child was severely brain damaged and is uncapable of ever living normal life, be held accountable if the child dies 17 - 18 yrs later w/ medical complication such a seizures, being the seizures were a result of SBS? Back in 1992 the laws were very slim on SBS and SBS was new to many so the man that shook and threw my son was given a break, but my child did not.
by tam ferrell February 18, 2009 at 09:12 PM
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